Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help via Zoom Meeting or Teamviewer?

If you are not comfortable sharing your Capsim login details, it's ok, you can hire to do your Capsim simulation via Zoom meeting or sharing screen. But I charge Double for doing your Capsim round over Zoom

What is the process of doing my Capsim over Zoom?

For doing your Capsim via Zoom, we will make an advance deal, and decide a time, we both will be online at that time, and your Capism round will be completed via sharing screen

Do you use a Proxy of my country while doing my Capsim Course Online?

It is very important to use the Proxy of my client's country while doing your Capsim Rounds because it is online and the teacher can catch us via IP address, for this, I always use the Proxy of your country before logging into your Capsim portal. So, don’t be afraid of it

What is your payment Policy?

We don’t ask for an upfront payment and you are only required to make a 50% advance payment through PayPal, and the remaining amount is due upon the completion of your Capsim round.

Can I get Capsim rounds Help urgently, even within 1 Hour?

Yes, prompt assistance is our commitment. Upon hiring our services, you can expect timely support, and I am capable of delivering within the agreed-upon timeline, even within 1 hour if necessary.

Is my payment and Credit/Debit card information 100% secure?

Your payment is processed exclusively through PayPal, ensuring 100% security. We do not accept Debit or Credit cards directly on our website. PayPal's robust security measures provide a safe transaction environment, and if unsatisfied, you can request a refund with zero risk.

What is your refund policy If, I am not satisfied with my Work?

You may get a refund if the service is bad. Since PayPal is the payment mechanism, you may regain your money via PayPal resolution, adding extra safety.

Can I hire you for the whole simulation?

Yes, you have the option to hire me for the entire simulation, encompassing 8 rounds, or the full Comp-XM Final Exam.

Can you hire me for a Single Round?

You can hire my services for individual rounds if needed, providing flexibility tailored to your specific requirements.

Is this website operational 24 hours a day or are there any off hours?

CapsimHelpUSA.Com is accessible 24/7. My commitment is to provide continuous support for your Capsim Rounds or Comp-XM whenever you require assistance.

Is CapsimHelpUSA.Com Legitimate and Legal?

CapsimHelpUSA.Com is entirely legitimate and operates within legal boundaries. You can confidently avail of our services for Capsim business simulation rounds, Comp-XM Rounds, and Board Queries.

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